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Clinical Informatics Specialist

Kallo Inc. (KALO:OTC US) improves the quality and efficiency of care, by providing centralized congruent solutions that address healthcare and business issues for Ministries of Health, hospitals, physicians & other healthcare organizations.

Our technology suite transforms healthcare-delivery via rural healthcare, disease management, clinical globalization and oHealth solutions.

MobileCare, RuralCare, Maternal/Child Care, Dialysis Care, Hospital Emergency/Ambulatory /Inpatient Care, Telehealth Care, EMS Care and Patient Transportation, plus Clinical Education and Training, all supported by Kallo’s digital health systems and solutions

Position Overview
The Clinical Informatics Specialist is responsible for specific tasks associated with the implementation of clinical information systems (CIS) within Kallo’s Integrated Delivery System (KIDS). Kallo’s single integrated electronic patient record (EPR) system supports patient care and documentation of relevant data regarding care events; the EPR encompasses all key elements of KIDS hospital and clinic services, including clinical, administrative, operations, finance, billing, information management and quality and risk management.

The Clinical Informatics Specialist ensures that Kallo’sCIS meet the functional requirements of the client country’s health system.He/she will serve as a communications intermediary between Kallo’s clinical and technology teams and in-country users during design/re-design, development, installation and support phases of CIS implementation. The Clinical Informatics Specialist will work closely with the Professional Services and Product Development teamsand the Clinical Operations Team (COT) to ensure that clinical user requests and applicable workflows are considered and addressed throughout the implementation process, starting with the definition of functional requirements.

The Clinical Informatics Specialist will be responsible for training clinicians on the use of Kallo’sdigital systems as well as clinical documentation procedures and requirements, working with other Kallo clinical and IT staff as required.

Working with Kallo’s Senior Manager for Operational Excellence, the Clinical Informatics Specialist will help develop reports and analytics applicable to clinical care activities carried out within KIDS programs at Kallo’scare platforms.


  • Act as a Subject Matter Expert for all stages of the system life cycle.
  • Apply information technology best practices (e.g. testing; business continuity and incident management) throughout the system life cycle.
  • Accurately analyse, prioritize and translate user needs and requests related to clinical information systems.
  • Act as a liaison and facilitate communications between large groups of inter-disciplinary end users while working directly or collaboratively with technical experts and/or vendors.
  • Consult with a variety of stakeholders, collect requirements and facilitate the analysis, design, build and maintenance of clinical content within clinical apps.
  • Lead ongoing review and revision of clinical content within clinical applications to reflect best practices.
  • Develop policies and procedures in support of clinical applications ensuring best practice models for service delivery.
  • Assess and mitigate clinical safety risks associated with CIS throughout the system life cycle.
  • Work collaboratively with clinical, business and other key stakeholders to support process change.
  • Keep abreast of current developments in clinical informatics through environmental scans, professional development activities and/or research.
  • Support building, testing, implementation, maintenance and evolution of Kallo’sclinical applications and systems to ensure they meet the needs of end users in client countries and align with clinical work flows.
  • Lead clinical work flow design or re-designfor each KIDS clinical program area. This includes mapping workflows to Kallo’s CIS and incorporation of LEAN methodology into process changes.
  • Lead and support teams to develop clinical data/documentation and workflow standardization across all Kallo care platforms.
  • Work closely with Kallo’s COT and in-country clinical teams to automate integrated workflows/alerts into clinical processes.
  • Re-engineer workflows as required based on experience in Kallo’s care platforms.
  • Oversee and manage the prioritizing of functional change requests, reporting and monitoring of issues, and implementation of communication strategies related to Kallo’s CIS.
  • Train clinicians on the use of Kallo’s digital systems as well as clinical documentation procedures and requirements, working with other Kallo clinical and IT staff as required.
  • Work with Kallo’s Senior Manager for Operational Excellence to develop performance metrics, reports and analytics applicable to clinical care activities carried out within KIDS programs at Kallo’s care platforms.
  • Facilitate clinicians’ use of Kallo’s electronic decision support tools in accessing evidence to support practice.
  • Propose innovative approaches to using technology to deliver care aligned with local practices, culture and other Kallo client country requirements.
  • Acquire and maintain understanding of Kallo’s business and clinical initiatives, including new directions the company is taking.

Key Deliverables during First 12 to 24 Months

  • Conduct a detailed assessment of the capabilities of Kallo’s clinical applications and systems and their suitability for deployment in Kallo client countries.
  • Define functional workflows for Kallo’s clinical programs and cross-program services (lab, pharmacy, DI, telehealth) within the context of each of Kallo’s Care Platforms; map these workflows to Kallo’s HIS and digitally-enabled medical devices.
  • Coordinate Kallo’s clinical and related information systems design, build, testing and implementation.
  • Lead development of a clinical information solutions (CIS) strategic road map for Kallo, to include the use of mobile devices and mobile applications to support patients and personnel utilizing Kallo’s care platforms.
  • Lead review and update of the roadmap biannually.
  • Lead change initiatives in support of the CIS road map.
  • As a priority component of the roadmap, develop a strategy for nursing-related CIS functionality and improvement
  • Provide expert input into developing a minimum data set for patient health summary records and patient encounter records recorded in the EPR.
  • Guide selection and implementation of an initial set ofelectronic clinical decision support tools for Kallo’s EPR.
  • Recommend and facilitate implementation of internationally accepted coding standards for key data elements in the patient’s EPR e.g. diagnosis; allergy.
  • Lead workflow re-engineering and process optimizationusing LEAN methodologies, if required based on the first 6-12 months of CIS usage post-deployment of Kallo care platform(s) in a client country.

Qualifications and Requirements

  • Registered Nurse, Bachelor of Nursing degree preferred; other regulated health professional degree or certification/registration will be considered
  • Bachelor's degree in Healthcare Informatics, Computer Science or related degree, or equivalent education and experience; Master’s in eHealth or equivalent post-graduate degree desirable
  • CPHIMS-CA certification (obtained or pending)
  • LEAN certification a definite asset
  • Equivalent undergraduate/post-graduate knowledge, experience, education and qualifications may be considered
  • 3-5 years direct clinical experience in diverse clinical environments
  • 5 years recentexperience working directly with clinical information systems, specifically hands-on experience with healthcare applications used in hospitals and ambulatory care settings, including experience trouble-shooting such applications
  • Expert knowledge and understanding of nursing processes and workflows; knowledge and understanding of related clinical workflows for other inter-disciplinary team members an asset
  • Demonstrated ability to apply:
    • critical thinking to the application and use of clinical information systems
    • best practices in quality improvement and process engineering to facilitate business and clinical transformation.
  • Demonstrated understanding of the data interrelationships and dependencies among the various health information systems (e.g., decision support systems, electronic health records, order entry, registries, etc.).
  • Understanding of the implications of ethical, privacy and regulatory requirements related to the management of health information.
  • Understanding of relevant health information standards and their appropriate use (e.g., classifications, vocabularies, nomenclature, etc.).
  • Understanding of key information technology concepts and components (e.g., networks storage devices, operating systems, information retrieval, data warehousing, applications, firewalls, etc.).
  • Knowledge of indicators and metrics for healthcare delivery and systems management.
  • Knowledge and understanding of commonly used formats, structures and methods for recording and communicating clinical data and how these are incorporated into system and application use.
  • Extensive experience working with personal computers and personal computer programs, particularly MS Word, Excel, and PowerPoint
  • Project Management experience/certification desirable.
  • Accurate and detail oriented
  • Excellent problem solving and analytical skills
  • Exceptional customer focus and strong professional acumen
  • Highly organized and adept at managing multiple and rapidly changing priorities.
  • Excellent reading, verbal, written and keyboard communication skills in English
  • Bilingualism (French) a definite asset.


  • May be required to sit for extended periods of time.
  • May be required to travel to developing countries, sometimes for more than 1 week and potentially deal with adverse in-country conditions such as a high level of communicable diseases, natural or man-made disasters, poor road conditions and other conditions that may be physically taxing e.g. noise; crowds.
  • May be required to support and troubleshoot clinical applications through remote communications e.g. calls to Kallo’s Clinical and Administrative Command Centers.
  • Will be required to obtain all immunizations as directed by travel medicine clinic staff applicable to travel to client countries unless there is a medically valid reason for refusal.

Kallo Inc. has a diverse workforce and is an equal opportunity employer.

We appreciate all applications. If you are among the most suitable for this position, we will be in touch with you shortly. Only those individuals selected for an interview will be contacted.

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