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Primary Care Clinical Program Manager

Kallo Inc. (KALO:OTC US) improves the quality and efficiency of care, by providing centralized congruent solutions that address healthcare and business issues for Ministries of Health, hospitals, physicians & other healthcare organizations.

Our technology suite transforms healthcare-delivery via rural healthcare, disease management, clinical globalization and oHealth solutions.

MobileCare, RuralCare, Hospital Information Systems, Telehealth Systems, Pharmacy Information, Disaster Management, Air and Surface Patient Transportation Systems, Clinical Training.

Kallo University
The strength of Kallo’s program delivery model lies in the customized education & training programs provided for each client. In partnership with leading North American universities and health institutions, Kallo University develops and delivers curricula specific to client requirements utilizing the expertise provided by specialists and educators. The objective of Kallo University is to augment existing regional education and training programs, establish international standards for healthcare delivery, and increase the resource capacity of the local healthcare workforce.

Position Overview
The Primary Care Clinical Program Manager will lead the development and implementation of Kallo’s primary care program in Kallo facilities. The Manager will work in collaboration with Kallo’s Chief Medical Officer and other health professional members of Kallo’s Clinical Transformation Team (CTT) to achieve successful implementation of the program and ensure local healthcare providers have the skills and knowledge to sustain the program over the long term.

The Primary Care Clinical Program Manager will support and provide oversight and clinical advice for local area primary care staff (in region, in country) to ensure the provision of high-quality primary care services in Kallo facilities, in keeping with principles of client-centred collaborative care. Manager oversight will mainly be through remote engagement via Kallo’s tele-health solution as well as online and through Face-to-Face sessions in country, the frequency of the latter to be determined based on assessment of current capabilities and capacity of in-country personnel who will be staffing the clinics.

Working with other Kallo primary care and CTT members, Kallo’s education and training lead and other Kallo leads as applicable e.g. IT, professional services, TQM:

  • Utilize principles of primary health care in assuring access to first-level health care within the appropriate scope of practice for individuals, families, groups and communities.
  • Lead development of Kallo’s primary care program (service delivery model and processes) to support the needs of patient populations in client countries, including innovative approaches to care delivery aligned with local practices, culture and other client country requirements.
  • Review and update the primary care program activities based on an annual work plan.
  • Be fiscally responsible for the primary care program:
    • Participate in Kallo’s annual budget development process
    • Monitor assigned operating budget and ensure that expenditures remain within budget
    • Seek review/approval for expenditures outside of assigned budget
    • Recommend capital and other equipment purchases to support programs, as required.
  • Guide implementation of the primary care program in client countries, working with in-country health Ministry officials, NGOs and the local healthcare provider teams assigned to deliver care in Kallo facilities.
  • Act as a leader and mentor for interdisciplinary, evidence-based teamcare:
    • assist local team members to provide ongoing service coordination plus links with local resources in support of continuity of care
    • promote self-care within local patient populations
    • provide support to help maximize each discipline’s scope of practice.
  • Guide implementation of decision support tools (clinical guides and protocols) to support primary care teams.
  • Ensure that accurate patient health summary and patient encounter data is recorded in patients’ records in accordance with approved standards for primary care practice.
  • Work within approved standards of professional conduct.
  • Promote evidence-based practice through the use of the latest research-based guidelines.
  • Participate in continuing professional development opportunities to ensure that up-to-date evidence-based knowledge and competence in all aspects of the role is maintained.
  • Keep up-to-date with pertinent health-related policy and work to implement such policies and strategies if deemed impactful with respect to patient care and/or outcomes.

Key Deliverables during First 12 to 24 Months

  • Develop the detailed components of a primary care program that will operate in Kallo client countries, using Kallo’s Integrated Health Care Delivery framework as a foundation for building the program
  • Work with other Kallo’s Chief Medical Officer and other CTT members to conduct an assessment and gap analysis in country regarding existing primary care programs and services, including staffing, prior to partial deployment of Kallo healthcare platforms in-country before the end of 2015
  • Identify program staffing and facility needs (equipment, medications, other supplies) to successfully implement the program in country
  • Identify education and training needs for individuals who will staff the clinics in country
  • In collaboration with Kallo’s education/training lead, develop education programs to upgrade skillsets of staff who will work on Kallo’s healthcare platforms in country
  • In collaboration with Kallo’s IT and professional services leads, identify appropriate clinical documentation and record-keeping practices for in-country primary care teams who will be using Kallo’s electronic record system
  • Be available as a first or alternative point of contact to provide orientation, support and clinical consultation to in-country clinic staff using Kallo’s tele-health solution, taking a holistic approach and making use of skills in history taking, physical examination, problem-solving and clinical decision-making to help local staff establish diagnosis, testing and management plans, including medication management within the scope of primary care practice
  • Ensure the provision of safe, evidence-based, cost-effective, individualised patient care in client countries based on approved standards of primary care practice and establishment of quality targets and performance metrics.
  • Participate in identification of community health needs and develop patient/family-centred and culturally sensitive strategies to address them
    • Promote self-care within local populations and provide appropriate education and tools to facilitate this.
    • Implement prevention and screening programs to prevent/reduce disability and injury.
  • Hire additional staff to support the primary care program if required based on review/collaboration with the CMO and CTT.
  • Help develop and set up new patient services and participate in/lead initiatives to improve existing patient services within the realm of primary care:
    • Act as a central communication link/resource on primary care issues with tele-health regional centers and primary care organizations in client countries
    • Develop and maintain a standardized orientation program for primary care team members in client countries, adapted as needed to meet country needs.
    • Coordinate regular remote meetings with in-country primary care clinic staff, jointly with other Kallo staff as required e.g. education/training; IT; engineering
    • Participate as a primary care expert on in-country healthcare governance councils
    • Develop a resource library (digital and paper) for staff and patients.

Qualifications and Requirements

  • Current Registration in good standing with provincial College of Nurses or other regulated health professional college
  • Registered Nurse, Bachelor of Nursing degree or other regulated health professional degree
  • Nurse Practitioner certification or similar/equivalent certification in primary care is highly desirable
  • Master’s in Health Administration, Community Health or Public Health or equivalent post-graduate degree highly desirable
  • Bilingualism (French) a definite asset.
  • Minimum 5 years clinical experience related to primary care, community health, public health, rural and/or ambulatory care (after hours, walk-in) with emphasis on primary care services (prevention, intervention, maintenance/support, palliation)
  • Prior primary, community and/or public health care practice or field work in developing countries is highly desirable
  • Infectious/communicable disease education and management experience an asset
  • 3-5 years of demonstrated leadership abilities within an interdisciplinary, culturally diverse team environment in a supervisory, coordinating or other lead role in primary care practice settings
  • Ability to work with field offices considering cross-cultural sensitivities and respect at all times
  • Commitment to, and knowledge of, primary care and community health, including promotion of wellness and the management of chronic diseases/conditions within the primary care setting.
  • Demonstrated knowledge of and commitment to patient and staff safety
  • Demonstrated clinical skill in physical examination and disease management
  • Demonstrated knowledge and experience in quality improvement processes
  • Demonstrated leadership for the advancement of clinical practice and achievement of Kallo’s program goals
  • Highly developed critical thinking skills and ability to conceptualize and analyze problems with aptitude for accuracy and details
  • Strong execution ability, with an energetic ‘can-do’ team player attitude.
  • Comprehensive knowledge and experience working with computers, various computer programs (Excel, Word, PowerPoint, Outlook, etc.) as well as electronic patient record systems in primary care practice


  • May be required to provide or supervise primary care nursing services in a variety of settings through remote communications e.g. tele-health or in person in client countries
  • Will be required to travel to developing countries and potentially deal with adverse in-country conditions such as a high level of communicable diseases, natural or man-made disasters, poor road conditions and other conditions that may be physically taxing
  • Will be required to obtain all immunizations as directed by travel medicine clinic staff applicable to travel to client countries.

Kallo Inc. has a diverse workforce and is an equal opportunity employer.

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