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John Cecil

Chairman, CEO and Founder, Member of the Board of Directors

With a Bachelor’s Degree in Electrical & Electronics Engineering, a Master of Science Degree in Biomedical Engineering, and a Post Graduate Diploma in Medical Equipment Technology, John has been in the healthcare industry for 26 years. With respect to intellectual property, John has developed four healthcare technologies which have global copyrights. He is responsible for inventing the technology and procedure behind depth-of-anesthesia monitoring and non-invasive blood group testing, and was part of the research team that developed the electro-hydraulic shockwave lithotripter and transurethral microwave therapy systems.

Following a distinguished career with major corporations in India, holding such positions as Vice President and Director with GE Medical Systems and Majoris Systems, Mr. Cecil immigrated to Canada in 2003 to continue his research and work on several additional products he is developing. Since then John has served as Director of Healthcare with leading software services provider Satyam Computer Service Ltd. and Senior Healthcare Solutions Architect with Sun Microsystems. In April 2009 he made the decision to devote his efforts exclusively to the development of a series of breakthrough healthcare management technologies he has been working on. This led to the launch of Kallo Inc.